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Where to find Roses for Your Garden

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Rose Sources

Phoenix Area Rose Sources:

Berridge Nursery

Summer Winds Nursery

Harper's Nursery

Agave Farms 4300 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Mail / Internet Sites

Burlington Roses - Miniature and many other roses

Chamblee's Rose Nursery - Own root roses
ClimbingRoses.com - Own root climbing roses.
David Austin Roses
Edmunds Roses - Modern Roses

Heirloom Roses - Own root Modern Shrubs & Antiques
High Country Roses - Own root roses
Hortico Nurseries Inc - Canadian vendor, variety
Jackson & Perkins - Modern roses

Pickering Nurseries - Canadian vendor, variety.
Roses Unlimited - Own-root roses
The Uncommon Rose - Unusual & hard to find roses.

Two Sisters - Many roses to choose from!

Vintage Gardens - Antique & hard to find - own root
Wisconsin Roses - Maiden roses for the Exhibitor & Enthusiast

Rose Show

Consulting Rosarians


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